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4 Industries That Need Grease Trap Cleaning in Their Maintenance Plan


Many industries require grease trap maintenance — is yours one of them? Here are five businesses that should invest in grease trap cleaning ASAP.

Making sure you maintain your grease traps is essential when it comes to making sure your kitchen running without any issues to stay compliant with the environmental rules of your city. It’s necessary to keep your grease traps clean and in working order, especially if you are in the foodservice industry.

There are several benefits to having your grease trap regularly maintained. They can include:

  • Preventing any back-ups or clogs
  • Keeping up with state and city regulations
  • Health reasons
  • And several others.

But restaurants are not the only industry who could benefit from using a trap cleaning service, and we are going to discuss these below.

Why Should I Use a Trap Cleaning Service?

A question that many businesses ask is what do they get out of using a trap cleaning company? There are several reasons why you should use a trap cleaning maintenance plan to keep your business running in tip-top shape. Some of them include:

Protecting Your Finances- If you allow your traps to clog up and become backed, then it will cost you a lot of money to have them cleaned out, and it can affect your business. In an industry that has such a small profit margin, not keeping your grease traps maintained can be catastrophic.

Preventing Future Clogs and Backups

If you have ever poured grease down your kitchen sink, then you know it will eventually cause your pipes to become clogged up. The same happens when restaurants and other industries do not maintain their grease traps. Not only can it cause clogging up a septic system and creating a backup, but it can also cause health problems.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Having grease traps keeps oil and fats at our of septic tanks and sewers. But when your traps become backed up, it can cause your city’s sewer system and septic tanks to back up, causing issues with your local water system. Not only does it cause problems with unnecessary waste entering local waterways, but there are hefty fines that come with neglecting your traps.

To Keep Your Kitchen Healthy

Not maintaining your grease traps is a health code violation, and can cause many health as well as safety issues. Besides a lingering rancid odor, employees can become sick over time from breathing in the fumes. You also run into the risk of slipping if grease begins to overflow on the floor.

Guests also risk becoming sick if they consume wastewater that is caused by a clogged grease trap or eating off of dishes that are washed in contaminated water.

There are many reasons why businesses should consider using a company that specializes in grease trap management, especially if they want to stay compliant with state and local laws.

Companies That Also Use Grease Trap Cleaning Services

When you think of grease traps, the first industry that comes to mind is anything that involves a restaurant. But did you know several industries go through regular maintenance and grease trap inspections? We are going to talk about some surprising places that should use a maintenance plan to keep things in working order below:


When people think of coffee shops, the first thing that comes to mind is lattes and muffins. But milk, creamer, and ingredients that make muffins, breakfast delicacies, and other baked goods on-site, contain fats. Because of this, they have to buy a grease trap to run their business. When you are making baked goods, they use a ton of ingredients, including oils and other fats in their products. To follow health regulations, they must have grease traps installed and regularly inspected.


Grocery Stores often have a deli and bakery, where they make a variety of goodies on-site using many ingredients, including grease. So a trap is essential to keep up with health inspection rules.


Hotels and casinos typically house multiple restaurants, and need efficient grease trap maintenance to run smoothly.


If you run an ice cream shop that makes your products on-site and prepares other goods in your facility, then it’s required to install a grease trap and have them regularly maintained.

Let Us Help You Maintain Your Grease Traps

There are several companies to choose from when you’re looking for a trap cleaning service to help you keep your maintenance under wraps. At Smart Alternative Fuels, we not only want to help your business maintain your grease traps, but we will convert it to products such as biodiesel and other environmentally friendly fuels.

Not only does it help us not be so dependent on foreign-owned petroleum, but it helps keep our air and waterways clean. We strive to partner with local businesses and to provide the most-efficient process for grease removal from your location. To learn more about how we can help you, head on over to our website today.

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