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Brilliant Biodiesel Benefits: 5 Unique Uses of Biofuels That Can Help the Environment

In this age, everyone is doing everything they can to go greener and help the environment heal. There are plenty of ways to do so, but one of the more prominent ways popping up is how your car runs and what is uses to run. This is where biofuels come into play.

But what are the uses of biofuels and how do they relate to the everyday person?

Here are 5 unique uses of biofuels and how they benefit the environment.

1. Decreasing Home Heating Costs

One of the most overlooked portions of heating is where the heat comes from. When gas-based fireplaces and heaters took over, the move away from wood increased our energy bills and our impact on the planet.

By switching over back to wood, which is considered a natural fuel source, you are switching to a renewable resource.

There are instances where the gas from biofuels can be used to create the same effect but at an extremely reduced environmental impact.

2. Help Power Engines in Our Vehicles

Biodiesel is continuing to expand. The benefits of biodiesel include being extremely available from nearby sources. If you are a restaurant, school, or even a hotel, chances are you are already producing a good majority of what biodiesel needs.

This biodiesel can help lessen the impact on the environment by decreasing the amount of oil needed for engines to run. As well as decreasing the air pollution from sulfur.

3. Generating Electricity

Fuel cells are becoming more prominent in the place of batteries because of the extreme waste batteries produce. By combining cooking oil and sugar, you are able to generate electricity.

It may not be long now before you see a fuel cell in your phone or laptop as their source of power, and charging may be a thing of the past.

4. Cleaning Up Oil Spills

Oil spills are an unfortunate consequence of oil drilling. Because of this unfortunate issue, there have been progressions to help create solutions to clean up these messes.

Biofuels seem to bond well to the oil, creating a solution that is easy to recover out of the water.

5. Replacing Oil

Oil is used in a variety of different methods, whether it be our cars, cooking, boilers, and even electric plants. But oil is a limited resource and the Earth does not provide enough to replace what we use.

Biofuel is an excellent replacement in most cases for oil. It is easily interchangeable and requires almost next to no extra conversions.

The Uses of Biofuels Will Continue to Expand

The awesome part about biofuels is that they are continuing to expand in terms of research. The U.S government has gone from under 500 million gallons being used for public transport, all the way to over 2 billion gallons in just a decade. The uses of biofuels will continue to expand and become more prominent because of this.

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