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FREE Cooking Oil Recycling And FREE Collection Containers

In our last blog, we talked about AutoPilot Service for restaurants, casinos, delis, grocery stores, and just about any other business looking to offload their used kitchen cooking oil collection and grease trap cleaning tasks. By partnering with Smart Alternative Fuels, there are even more great benefits to the local, responsive, and reliable services we provide to you.

First off, recycling your used cooking oil is free. Yes, you read it right. It’s FREE. Not much in life is free these days, so that might be enough to give us a call. But did you know that by recycling your kitchen oil and grease, you’re helping the environment? We collect all of that dirty, used fry oil for refinement into bio diesel. All those big rig diesel trucks on the road running blended bio diesel fuels refined from recycled materials effectively reduce the carbon footprint. Cool, right?

Secondly, we focused a lot of our attention on how your used grease and kitchen oils are collected. Sure, we could have saved money by placing cheap, dirty 55 gallon drums on site. You know the type. The ones where you bump into them and your skin and clothes get so greasy it feels like you slipped and fell into a hazmat spill? Not so with SAF. We place custom built containers on site, so they actually look nice and provide ease of use. Then, our friendly drivers collect the oil and clean the container with each visit, leaving you with no grease and no worries.

AutoPilot Service from Smart Alternative Fuels, is just that… smart. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for our partners. We respond quickly and our reliable service takes the stress out of a messy job for restaurant and the like. Questions? Shoot us a CALL any time.

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