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SAF Partner Spotlight: San Francisco Restaurants

When that hunger craving hits, you know, the one where the standard take-out grub just won’t cut it – we can’t help but think about the mouth-watering dishes found in the Bay Area. These are the kind of hotspots where a quick glance through the menu leaves you wanting one of everything. In this blog, we feature 4 such restaurants, each of which is also a recycling partner of Smart Alternative Fuels.

The  Liholiho Yacht Club restaurant was established in 2012 by chef Ravi Kapur, serving up an eclectic menu of Hawaiian, Indian, and Chinese dishes. The “heritage driven food” and island vibe make this a SF hotspot for dinner.  The fun backstory to the restaurant’s namesake involves the Kealoha family, the 1980’s, and their love for racing Hobie Cats. They would throw pop-up parties on the beach and charge a small fee in order to offset the expense of their hobby. They turned to the name of the street they lived on, Liholiho Street, to came up with a name for these gatherings and the Liholiho Yacht Club was born! Capturing the nostalgia of that time, the restaurant has embodied that very lifestyle of “throwing a party to allow you to keep doing what you love”.

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Nopa was established in 2006 by Chef Laurence Jossel. The goal from his organic Mexican kitchen was creating a “Pure and from the heart” atmosphere for his patrons. Laurence and his team build weekly menus, specializing in organic wood-fire cuisine, using local, fresh ingredients from farmers’ markets and food purveyors from around the Bay Area. Their patrons boast about their food, but equally as much for their cocktails and even their coffee! Serving dinner through the week and adding brunch on the weekends, this establishment is not to be missed.

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Little Skillet was established in 2008 by owners Deanna & Jay Foster. They feature southern classic & comfort dishes for lunch, such as fried chicken and waffles. They serve brunch on the weekend and are open 7 days a week. In 2014, they opened a food counter in a local bar, Victory Hall & Parlor. With its casual style, friendly staff, and delicious comfort foods it has become a favorite staple for SoMa locals. They are known for their fried chicken but also for the sweet sky blue shutter framed pick-up window, conveniently located right by the entrance of the building. The wafting scent of chicken and waffles invites the neighbors in 7 days a week.

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Hard Knox Cafe was established in 1999 by owner and chef Tony Hua, featuring Cajun and Creole soul food. There are 2 locations to serve you, 1 in the Dog Patch District of SF and the other in the Richmond District of SF.  They have an efficient system where you write down your name and the amount of people in your group on the paper upon entering and then hang out until your name is called by the wait staff. The customers love the fluffy warm corn bread muffins that are brought to your table while your meal is being prepared. Menu items consist of everything from collard greens to meatloaf, and chicken fried steak smothered in gravy…finishing it all off with a cool iced tea!  

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It has been our great pleasure to explore these restaurants while partnering with them for their recycled oil needs, and now recommend them to you as well. You will not be disappointed!

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