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SAF Partner Spotlight: The French Laundry

Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry was opened in 1994, and has been widely renowned as one of the world’s best restaurants for the past 23 years, boasting a Michelin-three-star rating since 2007. In fact, Chef Keller is America’s most Michelin decorated chef. Featuring American cuisine with French technique, this historical and quaint cottage-like restaurant is nestled in the Napa Valley (Yountville, CA).  Fun Fact: The site was a steam laundry throughout the early 1900’s named “The French Laundry.”

                                                                                                        image by Deborah Jones StudioChef Thomas Keller standing in front of the famous blue door of The French Laundry, that pays homage to the previous owners Don and Sally Schmitt’s blue range hood. The color has inspired the restaurant’s blue palette ever since.

The ingredients to success? Chef Keller says, “consistency defines greatness”, and the way you achieve that is by collaboration, so attitude is the most important thing. His team has been curated with that in mind and together they orchestrate a fine service that leaves their customers with a once in a lifetime experience.  The aroma, sounds, the mouthfeel all ignite the senses…just take a look at some of these mouth watering images.


Chef Keller’s team has a close relationship with their suppliers who share the same vision and passion for beautiful, nutrient rich food. They even farm their herbs, vegetables, and fruits from their own three-acre garden that is right across the street, and open to the public. Food so fresh that it is picked, brought to the kitchen, and then prepped and cooked without ever having to be refrigerated. Now that is fresh!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      image by Deborah Jones Studio

Every aspect of operating The French Laundry is thoughtful and well executed, from how they source their food down to how they clean their kitchen. Their pride in community, sourcing and partnering with people and businesses who care deeply about the environment extends way beyond dinner service, it even includes how their cooking oil is handled. That is why we at Smart Alternative Fuels is honored to have The French Laundry onboard for their oil recycling needs.

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image by Deborah Jones Studio

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