Smart Alternative Fuels Acquires Andy's Mobile Truck Repair

We are so proud to announce that a long time business-to-business relationship (and friendship) with Andy's Mobile Truck Repair has developed into a stronger and more versatile alliance under the Smart Alternative Fuels umbrella. SAF acquired Andy's just as we were breaking into the new year, 2018. Fitting too, because now we can reach high for our new year's resolution goals of scaling both businesses simultaneously.

Andy's Mobile Truck Repair has been a staple in and around Cottonwood, California for years. From diesel engine repair to flat tire fixes to electrical to air brakes and just about anything else, Andy and his team have been there for us and countless other fleet companies. Truck drivers red-tagged at the CHP Inspection Station and Scales in Cottonwood and Dunsmuir, CA will vouch for it. When things aren't going as planned mechanically in Northern California, it's good to know Andy's is available.

And now more than ever, Andy's is available. With two depots, in both Redding and Cottonwood, Andy's is local and ready to serve all of Northern California 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's right, the Andy's Mobile Truck Repair call center is a toll free call away, 800-294-6611. Diesel big rigs, heavy equipment, box trucks, and most others are a specialty and that means any repair including diesel engines, drivetrain, transmissions, tires, air brakes, and electrical.

To kick off the acquisition, we have built a brand new website and Facebook page for Andy's. As we slide into 2018 you can expect even more when it comes to automotive and truck repair service including on-site oil changes and maintenance. For questions, comments, or anything to do with Andy's Mobile Truck Repair, please contact us!