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Sustainable Energy: 5 Eco-Friendly Types of Fuel


As the average global temperature continues to rise, the importance of sustainable fuel becomes more profound. Learn about five types of eco-friendly fuel here.

189 countries have ratified the Paris Agreement that limits global warming by adapting to climate change. While many countries are on board, it takes individual efforts to keep making a difference. There are many ways to do your part, including switching to sustainable energy.

If you are unsure what fuel types you can use to help climate change, read on to learn about five eco-friendly types of fuel.

1. Bioethanol

Bioethanol is a popular fuel used to improve air quality by limiting pollution and increase vehicle performance. This is one of the types of fuel that is made with a similar process as brewing beer.

This kind of fuel is made from waste materials. Making it this way instead of using specially grown crops classifies it as an alternative fuel. Alternative fuels are better for the environment.

2. Biodiesel

Biodiesel is another one of the alternative fuels because it can be made with edible oils. These oils include grease, but it is not as simple as using straight fry oil. It can also be made with vegetable oil or animal fats.

This is one of the types of fuel that can be used in boats. Biodiesel is especially attractive in areas where people may be exposed to diesel exhaust.

Using a chemical reaction of oil and alcohol creates biodiesel. However, there are more ways of making this as one of the alternative fuel sources.

3. Dimethyl Ether

Dimethyl ether is a clean fuel that can run vehicles. This oil can replace chlorocarbons. Otherwise known as DME, this fuel can work as a substitute for propane and butane.

It is often made from methanol, but there are ways to create it with natural gas. This means this clean fuel can be used for more than it was once intended for.

4. Natural Gas

Probably one of the most common green fuel types is natural gas. As it can be used to create other fuels or work on its own.

It is an alternative fuel that anyone can use to burn clean. Natural gas is often provided for homes and businesses. Vehicles can use natural gas to produce harmful emissions.

5. Electricity

As we move towards more advanced technology, we have learned just how valuable electricity can be for the environment. It can act as transportation alternative fuel for electric vehicles.

These types of vehicles have power in the batteries that can be recharged. A fuel-celled vehicle will run on electricity by production through a chemical reaction. This will occur when oxygen and hydrogen are mixed.

A huge positive of electricity as an eco-friendly fuel type is that it is highly efficient. It also offers an extensive electricity network. Fuel cells can produce electricity without harming the environment with combustion and pollution.

Types of Fuel For the Environment

There are types of fuel that can benefit the environment rather than hurting it. The importance of these fuel types has never been greater. Do more for the world by switching to sustainable fuel.

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