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Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Restaurant Grease Trap


Once you have a restaurant grease trap, you will wonder how you’re kitchen ever lived without one. Read on to learn the top five tips for choosing a restaurant grease trap.

Did you know that one of the worst decisions you can make in the kitchen is to pour oil or fat down the sink?

The improper disposal of used oil for cooking can cause costly issues down the road in terms of plumbing, especially for restaurants.

Though grease is a natural part of the cooking process in many American restaurants, it is important to never dump it down the drain.

A restaurant grease trap can help prevent plumbing problems in the future. It acts as a receptacle for collecting grease rather than allowing it to cause damage.

In purchasing a grease trap, there are many different factors to consider based on the details of the restaurant.

Read on to learn what a grease trap is and five tips in choosing the best one for your restaurant.

What is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap is a device designed to collect grease, and it is typically installed underneath your kitchen sinks.

Any oil or fat dumped down the drain funnels into the grease trap container. It works by slowing down the flow of water, which allows the grease to be safely stored.

There are also certain types of grease traps that dispose of used oil, which may be a better option for restaurants with lots of fried items.

Five Tips for a Grease Trap

Here are the top five tips to think about when you are selecting a grease trap for your business.


The placement of a grease trap is important and depends on the layout of the kitchen and grounds.

The trap will need a large area, but the best choice for a location is generally right under the sink whenever possible.


The size of the grease trap depends on the amount of water that you use.

You should double the amount of flow to calculate the size of your grease trap. If your total flow is around 50 gallons, the grease trap should be 100 gallons.

Other factors to consider is how many sinks you have, the size and flow of your dishwasher, and the size and flow of your glass cleaner.


The best material depends on the needs of your kitchen, but overall stainless steel is a good option. There are also acid-resistant versions that can last a long time.


The way that the trap connects to the plumbing will help determine it’s functionality. Make sure to install the trap in a way that will make cleaning it out easy.


Maintenance is important for a restaurant grease trap, as this will prevent foul odor as well as help your trap last many years to come.

Regular maintenance is best serviced by an experienced professional, who can vacuum all the solids out of the trap and clean it.

Find the Best Restaurant Grease Trap

The best grease trap for restaurants will depend greatly on your individual needs and flow.

Overall, the most important part of any grease trap is that it is well-maintained. This invention will save you potentially thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs, and a professional cleaning service will make sure it continues to do so.

At Smart Alternative Fuels, we specialize in grease trap maintenance and collection in order to repurpose the oil for other uses.

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