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Best Way to Clean A Deep Fryer

Who doesn’t love fried food? Most Americans do and we are picky about taste and texture. The  quality and cleanliness of the oil, the temperature of the oil and other factors have an impact on the quality of the food. Previous blogs have addressed the ways to save money by extending the life of your cooking oil.

 Did you know that the fryer itself can affect the food? If the fryer is not clean it can negatively impact your fried food. So, how do you clean a deep fryer?

The best way to clean a deep fryer is to drain the old oil and thoroughly wash the fryer with a deep-fryer detergent. To avoid getting burned, do not attempt to clean the fryer until the oil has been cooled to room temperature. 

The Best Way to Clean A Deep Fryer, Step-By-Step

This section will give you steps on how to clean a commercial deep fryer. 

Step 1 – Drain the Old Oil

Be sure your oil is fully cooled before draining the oil. Deep fryers usually have a  spout located at the bottom of the unit, which is for draining the oil. Be sure to have buckets for draining the oil

Step 2 – Use Towels or Rags to Remove Debris

Using a clean rag or a synthetic scraper, remove excess oil and  food debris from the walls of the fryer and its components. 

Be careful not to scrape or damage the heating elements and other components. Never use metal spatulas or scrapers to remove excess debris. They can create scratches that may rust. 

Step 3 – Fill with Cleaning Detergent and Boil

Fill your fryer with hot, soapy water or an approved deep fryer cleaning detergent to the maximum fill line. 

Turn the fryer on and allow the water to boil for around thirty minutes. In some cases, you may need to let it boil longer if the fryer is exceptionally dirty or hasn’t been cleaned in a long time..

Step 4 – Wash the Fry Baskets

While the deep fryer is boiling,  work on the fry baskets. Fill a sink with hot soapy water or the same detergent used to clean the fryer. Let the basket soak until debris has become loose. Scrub the basket with a soft scrub brush to remove any remaining debris and grease. Rinse well. 

Step 5 – Rinse and Wipe Dry

Once the soapy water in the deep fryer has cooled, drain into a bucket and dispose. Next, rinse thoroughly and wipe the deep fryer dry with a clean rag or disposable towels until there is no soapy residue or debris left. 

It is important to thoroughly rinse any soap or detergent as that could make someone sick and also ruin the flavor of the food. 

 After the cleaning process is complete, be sure to pour a small amount of oil into the fryer and let it drain out into a bucket. This will remove any water and prevent corrosion. 

This video of a fryer being cleaned gives a good idea of how the process goes.

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