biodiesel from vegetable oil

Why Make Biodiesel from Vegetable Oil and Other Waste Cooking Oil

Why bother making biodiesel from vegetable oil and other waste cooking oil? Check out the benefits here.

Oil is a natural resource that is diminishing every day.

According to some estimates, 34 billion barrels of crude oil are consumed every year. Eventually, the earth’s oil supply will run out.

Biodiesel from vegetable oil is an alternative fuel source that is environmentally much more friendly. It is made from animal fats and vegetable oils. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel source in car engines.

You might think that sounds crazy and it can’t be good for the engine but you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Rudolph Diesel first invented the diesel engine to run on peanut oil.

If it was good for Rudolph, it could well be good for you too! Learn how to make Biodiesel from vegetable and oil and what the benefits are in this article.

Making Biodiesel From Vegetable Oil

Diesel fuel is combustible and needs to be delivered to the combustion chamber within the engine through a fuel injector. The basic problem with vegetable oil is that it is too thick or viscous to be injected.

The principles behind making biodiesel from vegetable is refining the oil so that is thinner and can be delivered to the combustion chamber. How?

The key is to separate glycerin from the oil. It is glycerin that gives the oil its viscosity. Once the glycerin has been removed the remaining oil will retain its combustion properties.

Anyone can do this. Check out this article on how to run a school biodiesel program here.

From that article, you will find links to other successful programs that will help you get started.

Why Bother?

It might seem like a lot of fuss for a bit of vegetable oil. However, it is worth remembering that biodiesel production can be scaled up very quickly and only depends on the limits of your vegetable oil supply.


Many restaurants and food outlets use large quantities of oil which they are charged for to have removed. This is potentially a free resource that can lead to significant savings in fuel consumption.


It is not breaking news that human society needs to shift energy consumption to renewable fuel sources that are environmentally friendly. Solar energy and harnessing the wind are both excellent examples.

The consumption of oil reserves are harming the environment. Re-using oils like vegetable oil and converting it to fuel is one way of reducing the impact on natural resources like crude oil. The other advantage of using vegetable oil is that it is renewable, whereas crude oil is not.

Ready to Get Started?

In this article, you have read about how to get started in your biodiesel production. You can easily learn from others, such as schools that recognize the benefit and education for future generations.

So what about you? Are you ready to make a start in using biodiesel from vegetable oil? If you want more advice or have questions you can get in touch here.

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