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Why Should You Recycle Used Cooking Oil?


There are a number of reasons to recycle the used cooking oil in your restaurant’s kitchen, so why aren’t you doing it? Here’s why you shouldn’t throw out your leftover cooking oil.

There are almost 650,000 restaurants in America. All use a large amount of cooking oil in their daily operations.

If you’re a restaurant owner, one choice you have is what to do with all that used cooking oil at the end of the day. Sure, you could throw it away but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t.

We’re here to tell you why you should recycle used cooking oil.

Great Reasons to Recycle Used Cooking Oil

Here are the reasons to recycle your used cooking oil.


Recycling used cooking oil helps reduce waste which is a positive way to keep the planet cleaner and healthier.

It will also prevent problems with cooking oil build up in your drain pipes if you usually dispose of it by pouring it down the drain.

Disposing of the cooking oil in this way will lead to clogs in your drain pipes. These clogs not only create a health hazard for your restaurant but also cost you money when you must hire a plumber to fix the problem.


Recycling used cooking oil to make clean-burning biodiesel reduces the use of fossil fuels. Biodiesel is useful for powering vehicles as well as for heating buildings.

The process of creating biodiesel from waste cooking oil is straightforward and a great way to use it.

Using biodiesel not only reduces the amount of fossil fuel used, it lowers CO2 emissions which cuts the amount of greenhouse gas being released into the atmosphere.

Another benefit is that the biodiesel is domestically produced which reduces dependence on foreign oil sources. Biodiesel also adds 64,000 U.S. jobs and creates $11.2 billion in economic benefits across the country.


Recycling used cooking oil is a much more cost-effective alternative to paying a company to dispose of it for you.

By recycling your used cooking oil, you not only cut this cost, but the recycling company will pay you for the used cooking oil.

The recycling company will pick up and transport the used cooking oil to the recycling plant. This means it’s not only a cost-effective solution but easy for you to do.


The number of businesses involved in recycling used cooking oil continues to grow as more and more restaurants see the benefits of recycling.

In fact, the cooking oil recycling industry generated $4 billion in revenue during 2017 and the amount of revenue is expected to grow rapidly in the next 5 years.

Because the cooking oil is processed locally, your used cooking oil will support jobs in your area and help create more economic activity in your community.

It’s Time to Start Recycling Your Used Cooking Oil

If you don’t yet recycle used cooking oil, then it’s time to start.

With so many benefits to your business, the planet, and your local community, recycling cooking oil is an easy choice you’ll feel good about making.

So, stop throwing out your used cooking oil and contact us today to get started.

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