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Our Mission

Partnering with local restaurants and our community to revolutionize the waste oil collection industry and build a smarter greener today together.


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Collected Waste Oil will be used to create bio-fuel and other products that directly replace usage and dependency on petroleum products. These products not only redirect waste grease to produce fuel, but also provide reduced emissions in the vehicles utilizing these alternative fuels. Every gallon of fuel produced reduces our nation's dependence on foreign petroleum products.


We strive to provide the cleanest collection area possible. We have carefully designed our containers to simplify the process of disposing of the grease while minimizing spills and odors. We schedule regular pressure cleaning of the container and its immediate area to ensure safety from slips and falls and eliminate unsightly messes.


Not only are we utilizing vegetable oils primarily grown and processed in America, the final products are also collected, processed, and used right here in the United States. As collection, production, and consumption of the final product expands, we will strive to keep jobs and product usage local. We are even establishing partnerships with local high schools and Shasta College to train and hire local specialist and enhance the alternative fuel industry.


We want to see local businesses thrive and grow. As we fuel a greener community together, we will ensure that partner businesses are recognized for doing their part in building a greener, sustainable 


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It just makes sense, turning waste oil into fuel. It's clean, it's green, we keep it all-American and local, and we partner with you. It doesn't get any smarter than that.

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Our Company

Smart Alternative Fuels, Inc. was founded in 2011 by its current President Jayson Nalley. From its origins in a small shed serving a handful of customers, SAF has grown steadily to serve thousands of customers across Northern California, Southern Oregon, and Western Nevada. As we continue to grow, however, one thing will never change: our commitment to always putting our customers first.

Our President

Jayson Nalley started his career as a chef in Sacramento before moving to US Foods as a territory manager. Through those experiences he learned firsthand how stressful it can be to operate a successful restaurant business. His goal in founding Smart Alternative Fuels was to eliminate some of that stress by removing the worry over waste oil disposal and grease trap cleaning for restaurant owners and managers.

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Our Process


For waste cooking oil, we provide proprietary containers designed with larger openings to simplify your disposal and minimize spills, reducing odors and unsightly messes around your collection area. We then come on a set schedule to empty your container and bring the oil back to our facility, where we begin the process of filtration and refinement needed to convert the oil into other products, primarily diesel that can be used in any diesel motor.

For grease traps, we not only empty your traps but also utilize an efficient hydro-jetting process that removes hardened grease and waste oil to keep drains operating smoothly and avoid environmental contamination and costly blockages. Our electronic filing of paperwork on your behalf also eliminates the headaches and stress of filing requirements.

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This process produces significantly less carbon than fossil fuels. It is amazing that you can run a vehicle off of something that before was a waste product, used mostly as a feed product for cattle and chickens.