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The smart choice for used cooking oil recycling & grease trap maintenance.

Smart Alternative Fuels (SAF) is the smart choice when it comes to used cooking oil recycling and grease trap maintenance. We provide responsive, reliable waste oil collection and grease trap management to a range of food preparers - from restaurants, hotels, and casinos to corporate technology campuses, schools, and more. With our cost-effective services, you can put these time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks on autopilot with us, freeing up your time to focus on other priorities.
Partnering with SAF helps reduce the environmental impact of waste oil and grease in our communities. Proper collection of waste cooking oil and grease prevents environmental contamination by these substances, as well as harmful buildup in sewer and drain lines that can lead to costly blockages. Additionally, our collected waste oil is recycled into biodiesel for use in everyday commerce, displacing fossil fuels and supporting a sustainable system to reduce the carbon footprint in our communities. Now that’s smart.
SAF removes many of the hassles associated with used oil disposal and grease trap cleaning. Our proprietary container placement and collection system simplifies disposal and minimizes spills around your collection site, reducing odors and unsightly messes. Our routine cleaning of containers and their surroundings also keeps collection areas tidy, reducing the likelihood of slips and falls and the presence of unwanted pests.
Our local presence and commitment to our clients puts us at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout our service areas of Northern California, Southern Oregon, and Western Nevada. Whether it's an emergency issue or a simple inquiry, our staff is always available by phone or email to address your concerns. With SAF, you’ll rest easy knowing we’re always available for you.





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