Grease Trap Cleaning in California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada 24/7

Smart Alternative Fuels™ provides local and reliable grease trap maintenance to commercial customers in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Western Nevada. Our comprehensive service package helps you maintain a clean and safe kitchen and avoid costly and expensive blockages. And with multiple West Coast locations and a distributed fleet of service trucks and professional drivers, we’re always nearby when you need us.

Why You Need Regular Service

Commercial Kitchens produce large volumes of FOGs (fats, oils and grease.) Grease Traps and Interceptors trap FOGs before they can flow into our municipal water systems. When FOGs flow into our water systems they clog pipes, sewers, and create smell obstructive messes. The result is health code violations, fines and damage to businesses. Fatbergs are no joke. Grease traps and regular grease trap pumping prevent this.

grease trap service
grease trap maintenance

Grease Trap Service

Our grease trap experts can spot malfunctioning traps and potential trap issues, allowing us to document them in our manifests and notify business owners. We’ll either repair them on the spot or schedule the required service.

Putting your grease trap service on Autopilot with us saves you time and money. You will be impressed with our attention to detail. We take pride in our services, so you can do the same.


When we service your grease trap, we go the extra mile. That means not just pumping out the trap, but hydro-jetting away hardened grease to help you avoid backups and clogged pipes and drains that can require extensive plumbing work.


Our experts clean trap to prevent and eliminate odors and keep your kitchen safe and clean.


We provide manifests for all grease trap service performed ensuring that our clients are always in compliance with local, state, and municipal ordinances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grease Trap Maintenance

Can you help with grease trap inspections?

We can help prepare you for inspections by checking for the things inspectors will look for and ensuring you have all of the documentation an inspector requires.

What do you charge for grease trap service?

Our pricing depends on the size, location, and condition of your grease trap. However, our prices are generally very competitive.

Where is your grease trap service available?

We clean grease traps throughout Northern California, most of Oregon, Central and Eastern Washington, and Western Nevada.

Want to learn more?

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